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More than talk therapy

While it is true that for many people, having a safe person to talk to has been a tried and true form of therapy. For some people, talking is an incredible stress release, but not the only effective road to an improvement in their lives. 

Many people have heard of E.M.D.R. and they think that it is only intended for people who have had significant trauma in their lives. This is not the case. E.M.D.R. is helpful and life changing for anyone who carries a negative belief about themselves, This is true for most of us, and talking about it is not always effective. This is where EMDR comes in.

In addition to talk therapy and EMDR, I am trained in the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). The SSP is an indirect way of resetting your autonomic nervous system, getting clients out of that perpetual feeling of fight or flight.

The ability to provide therapy from the security of a client's home has been an effective way to connect. Not having to drive to and from therapy has been rewarding for some people. 


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