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Since becoming a licensed therapist in 2000, it has been my goal in life to be that one person to rely on when things are at their darkest. I believe that no person needs to struggle alone and that having one person in your corner can make an incredible difference. 

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Therapy can be a difficult journey, one that does not have to be taken in an office. Discussing difficult things, being vulnerable and making changes in your life can be uncomfortable. Having therapy from the comfort of your home allows you to remain in your secure place, while at the same time, being vulnerable. 

Online counselling

Traditional Talk Therapy

Sometimes we can be struggling in ways that we are not even aware of. We can be focused on surviving, getting through each day and making it to the next. We are so busy surviving, that we forget all about thriving. Talking about the many stresses in life can go a long way to help alleviate some of that stress. 

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"Rewiring your Brain"

Unlike traditional talk therapy, which accesses the left hemisphere of the brain, EMDR allows for access to both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. By utilizing Bilateral Stimulation during the time we are addressing a traumatic or stressful event, we are able to remove the negative emotion attached to that event. Once we have removed that negative emotion and the negative self-talk associated with it, we are able to re-process the event and the way we feel about it. EMDR allows your brain to do the work. Clients have said that it feels as though their brains have been rewired after the completion of EMDR therapy. 

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ACCEPTING BCBS OF MICHIGAN, UNITED HEALTHCARE, CIGNA, OSCAR HEALTH, OXFORD, AND AETNA. I do accept clients for self-pay and am able to provide a bill for insurance reimbursement for anyone with insurance not listed above. If you do wish to proceed as a self paying client, please email me from the contact us page.

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